Cancellation Policy / No Show Policy
Once a reservation is booked you are allowed to modify/cancel online on your own before 72 hours prior to the arrival date and no cancellation fees. Should you wish to make full payment in advance, please reach the Victory City Hotel main line (Telephone: (607)5950000 , Fax: (607) 595 0088,

If the guest failed to show-up on the arrival date (No Show) or cancellation of room reservation is done after the 72 hours threshold (3 days prior to the arrival date), a one night room charge will be imposed.

Shorten Stay Policy
If guest shortens his stay, the Hotel Management will impose a one night room charge as a last-minute cancellation, and refund the balance either through cash or credit card or thru Paypal, depending on how the first payment was received.

The guest shall be responsible for the replacement / reinstatement of any items damaged through misuse or other act of abuse. This shall apply whether the damage was deliberate or accidental.